Thursday, August 14, 2008

in which I decide to pursue a medical degree

So I was at the doctor's office today for the umpteenth time, with two doctors and a medical student thrown in for good measure; all three standing around trying to appropriately diagnose the confusing red sore spots that keep popping up on my legs and being somewhat painful. They said I was a mystery, and hey! that always makes a woman feel good, because being mysterious is fun!

Except not so much when it keeps you from being properly diagnosed! And full of antibiotics! And such.

The doctors think these mysterious painful spots may be an autoimmune reaction of some sort. Sort of my body fighting my body, maybe because I had such a violent attack of strep throat in June. The med student actually was just observing and so I don't know what he thinks of the whole kafuffle, but the other two doctors and I had some good fun conversations.

If that's the case (the whole autoimmune whatever whatever) I just need to take a lot, but not too much, ibuprofen and wait for it to go away. If it is a bacterial infection I need to let it get bad enough so that they can get a sample of the bacteria so that they can culture it and see what in the heck it is. Medicine is not the science you think it is folks. But it seems entertaining enough and has me considering a career as a family practitioner.


  1. Good luck figuring it out. My daughter came home with a rash on various limbs yesterday. I don't recognize the bumps as anything and can't imagine where she picked it up from. I gave her some benedryl and we'll see if it goes away. Family practitioner sounds like a lucrative way to experiment I'd say.

  2. I am no doctor. But accupuncture is a miracle.