Saturday, June 27, 2009


It's been just a little over 10 months since my Grandmother passed away. This weekend we are up at her house where there is a lake, a barn, rolling hills, trees, small irrigation canals. It's picturesque.

This is the first time since the funeral that I've been up here. Driving up to the house and walking across the lawn, I was greeted almost immediately with a soft sense of loss, something missing. My grandmother's essence, however, is everywhere. She was quite the woman. And I am very fond of her.

I will not see her again in this life, but the very real truth of it is she will always be found as soon as I look for her.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Missing. In Action.

But one of these days I'll cut back on the action. I look forward to it. Then I will blog more. So until the next time... Cheers!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Missing Twitter & Other Aspects of The Internet

It's June and I'm wearing a turtleneck. It's been gray and drizzly the last few days. Too gray and not drizzly enough to actually water the lawn. The lawn for which we have not yet had time to purchase sprinklers. Of course that changed this afternoon because along with the chilly June weather we got an adequate downpour that should do a decent watering job of the lawn for a few more days.

I hope.

My muscles are sore from painting the kitchen. The drywall was mudded, taped, and textured and so last night I stayed up stretching muscles I forgot I had by priming the ceiling and the walls. I have one more coat to go that I'll do either this evening or tomorrow morning.

Common sense says to paint tonight as I haven't had my shower yet, and so I should go for it and get it done with. My aching muscles are the procrastinators. They say I should head straight for the warm bath with my latest Daniel Pinkwater book and forget about painting tonight.

I'll let you know who wins: common sense or the muscles. I'll let you know whenever it is I can get back to the computer. (I have taken a quick break from my house to head up to my parent's home where there is internet and phone in abundance. Also, lots of tortilla chips.)

Hmmm. I'm hungry.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Moving. Oh! The Moving.

I hate moving. I hate it. I hate it with a passionately strong hate. Because I am tired of it. I am utterly tired of moving every two years. (And because I am utterly tired I will not say anything remotely clever and pithy about it. And that is a darn shame. Because an Ode to Moving could be a work of art.)

But now that I have bought a house I need not worry about moving for awhile, anyway. Can I get a Woo Hoo for that? Woo Hoo! Or, actually in my current state of fatigue: woo hoo. {crash.} (That was me falling asleep amidst the many unpacked boxes.)

I am without a regular phone and an internet connection. But that will be forthcoming.

In any case. The kitchen is coming along fine. The drywall is being mudded and taped and will be textured tomorrow. Cabinets should be in by the end of the week.

Pictures, like the internet, are forthcoming...


Monday, June 1, 2009

Mad As A Hatter*

On this day many, many years ago, Anne Boleyn was crowned Queen of England. We know that didn't turn out so well for poor Anne. But it did help along religious diversity as the Church of England was born around that time as well. Lots of eventual conflicts, too. And not really because of poor Anne, but because of her husband. Which (although I am very fond of my husband, as I am sure you are fond of your husbands) does not surprise me in the least.

June first is an important day. For one thing it's the first day of Summer here, as in No More School. Which is fine and dandy, but considering the impending move and (hence) the busy mom, and the wet spring that has bred thousands of mosquitoes that feast on my children when they are outside, my children are already claiming to be bored. And rather itchy.

Mosquitoes are really awful.

But not quite as awful as getting your head chopped off when you do not produce a male heir. I have produced a male heir, fortunately. But at the rate the mosquitoes are getting at my skin, I may wish to have my head chopped off before the week's end.

*Because "Off With Her Head" seemed indecorous as a title. However the Queen in Alice in Wonderland says "Off with her head" and with abandon as well! And so the title obliquely references Alice, and the unfortunate event of losing one's head, which Anne Boleyn did do. Poor girl. (I cannot say that enough.) I am almost as mad as a hatter. So there you go.