Monday, March 28, 2011


What else is there to say?
Nothing, that's what. So I'll watch this one more time and then go to bed.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

So long, farewell.

Seriously. The BYU / Gonzaga Game was one of the best basketball games I have ever seen. Maybe the best. It was fantastic to watch. It was so good, I seriously thought about watching it again. Maybe I still will.

Sadly tonight was a little off for the Cougs. Florida got by them. And we had a rough time getting our shots to fall ("our shots" like I'm on the team ~ hah!) And Jimmer Fredette: I'm going to miss watching him play. This basketball season has been a lot of fun.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

stream of consciousness

Things slowed down in the subsequent years, months, weeks. Not that the children didn't do funny things anymore, of course they did. But there were a few more of them now, and just keeping up on the housework and the homework and the rest of the list of things to do, it took more time. And having the time and mental energy to share it out to the world slipped away a little bit. It was all in the living now. Just in the now. And though there were still the friends, stalwart in their posting (some making money, too!) many of them had also stopped the regular flow of life updates, except maybe for the occasional tweet. Life was happening. Kids were growing up. Some people needed to keep writing constantly and others, not so constantly. And she was a not so. Also, she was thinking of taking up painting. But in between the loads of laundry, the dance practices, and the weekly university basketball games, in between the meal times, the family gatherings, the negotiations, there was just enough time to be. And that time to be was crucial. And worth gathering. Even if it meant that somethings, and some dreams, slipped out of her hands. If only for awhile. It was what it was. And it was okay.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A List ~ redux

I did pay the bills. And sent them off.

I got a lot of tax information together.

I did clean my tile. {At 10 o'clock pm.}

My daughter got to her piano lesson on time.

The check-up for my son was scheduled.

I sort of got my returns together.

I did not get my light fixture sanded or put on the third coat of paint.

But all in all, list accomplished.
And maybe, don't ask about the rest of the day. ;-)

Monday, March 7, 2011

A List

Last night before bed I wrote out a list of things I need to get done today. There are 10 things on that list. I could have added more. But I need to get my list done without distractions from things I'd like to get done. For example it would be great if "clean my room" were on that list, but my room is in such a sad, sad state I know that if I listed that I would either a) not do it, or b) spend all of my time doing it. Obviously option a would not really be a big problem, because it's not on my list to do anyway. It's a psychological thing. I intend to get my list done. And if I do, I will move on from there.

The End.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's March and my arms are sore

Because I have been home improving. My mom helped me tile my bathroom counter as a birthday present (thanks, mom!) and it looks awesome. She also helped me finish tiling my backsplash in my kitchen. Please don't ask how long that has taken me to get done.

The sink I bought for the bathroom is a little too cool as far as color goes. I am going to find a new one, maybe Kohler has a nice white round bathroom sink? So I haven't set the sink yet. But that's okay because I also need to buy a new faucet. Because I couldn't go look for them today I touched up the bathroom paint instead.

Do you know what a pain it is to get a nice clean line where the wall and ceiling meet? My paint tape did an atrocious job. In the end I used a very small paint brush (teeny-tiny) and some card stock. It did the trick.

But my arms are, yes, sore. As is my neck. You know. Painting ceilings can be hard on the neck. I also started to grout the kitchen backsplash. It's hard to grout tile that is not lying flat. So my arms are sore. And my neck. And my back. And it is very late. And I need to go to bed.

But my bathroom looks nice and neat, and my kitchen tile is half-way grouted (is that a word) and I am pleased with the progress.

And sore. And tired.

The End.