Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Missing Twitter & Other Aspects of The Internet

It's June and I'm wearing a turtleneck. It's been gray and drizzly the last few days. Too gray and not drizzly enough to actually water the lawn. The lawn for which we have not yet had time to purchase sprinklers. Of course that changed this afternoon because along with the chilly June weather we got an adequate downpour that should do a decent watering job of the lawn for a few more days.

I hope.

My muscles are sore from painting the kitchen. The drywall was mudded, taped, and textured and so last night I stayed up stretching muscles I forgot I had by priming the ceiling and the walls. I have one more coat to go that I'll do either this evening or tomorrow morning.

Common sense says to paint tonight as I haven't had my shower yet, and so I should go for it and get it done with. My aching muscles are the procrastinators. They say I should head straight for the warm bath with my latest Daniel Pinkwater book and forget about painting tonight.

I'll let you know who wins: common sense or the muscles. I'll let you know whenever it is I can get back to the computer. (I have taken a quick break from my house to head up to my parent's home where there is internet and phone in abundance. Also, lots of tortilla chips.)

Hmmm. I'm hungry.


  1. I'm not afraid to admit that I don't understand Twitter. Now that it's all the rage, I suppose I'm going to have to add it to the collection of Internet stuff that keeps me occupied when I don't want to clean my house. Also, I currently have three different kinds of tortilla chips in my pantry.

    I came across a comment you left on Apron Stage, and now I'm missing you and committing myself to keep up with your blog. Somehow knowing that we're both reading Apron Stage makes me feel like we're in touch.

  2. Holly! How exciting! You need to email me and let me know what you are up to!

    I will keep an eye out for you on the Apron Stage as well.

  3. bath. go for the bath!!!!!!

  4. oh and i've been missing twitter too and i'm not even trying to move. life has just gotten away from me.