Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Book List 2009


Blink ~ Malcolm Gladwell
Good book from what I remember...I read it in January.

Town Cats & Other Tales ~ Lloyd Alexander
Amusing and fun, as LA often is.

Ethan Frome ~ Edith Wharton
Oh. Edith Wharton is a wonder. This is such a sparse, amazingly told story.
And so sad. {But can you trust the narrator? Ah...hmmm}.

Joseph Smith the Prophet ~ Truman G Madsen
Interesting. {I mean that in a good way.}

The Neddiad ~ Daniel Pinkwater
Hilarious. Read it once, listened to it several times on a road trip.

The Yggyssy ~ Daniel Pinkwater
Quirky Pinkwater. Not as good as the Neddiad, but then I haven't listened to Pinkwater read it and sometimes that's what it takes.

Austenland ~ Shannon Hale
Funny. Cotton Candy.

Little Britches ~ Ralph Moody
Autobiographical. Sometimes I wished my kids lived on a farm. {But just them for their character ~ As for me, I like my indoor pluming. Hey I have loads of character!}

Petronella Saves Nearly Everyone ~ Dene Lowe
Charming. Get it and read it.

A Circle of Quiet ~ Madeleine L'Engle
I love Madeleine L'Engle.

The Christmas Box Miracle ~ Richard Paul Evans
JPE isn't really my style, but this account of how he wrote his first novel is interesting.

The Penderwicks ~ Jeanne Birdsall
Sweet and charming.


Books Not Quite Finished Yet...

American Lion ~ Jon Meacham
Andrew Jackson was an interesting character. Politics is always what it is, isn't it.

The Portable Edith Wharton ~ Edith Wharton
!!!! Edith Wharton is amazing. And her short stories are so good. I love Edith.

Selected Writings of M. Catherine Thomas
Amazing. Enlightening.

Book List 2008.


  1. Madeleine L'Engle and Edith are great.

    I've also enjoyed reading Malcolm Gladwell's stuff. His "Outliers: the story of success" is on hold @ my library as we speak (just need to finish The Literary potato peelers book & Wee Free men first!).

  2. I am always VERY impressed by how many books you read.