Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So Long, New York Times: A Summer Experiment

It's June. I've been anticipating June for about 9 months now.

The kids are currently in the back yard searching for roly-poly bugs (the friendly insects of the ubiquitous names--pill bug being one, but roly-poly is better). It is not yet 9 a.m.

And so we come to Summer Resolutions:

My children obviously have a goal to capture every single unsuspecting (and suspecting, for that matter) roly-poly in our yard. I have a goal to compile a job list, make a job chart, and get my children happily (or not) cleaning. We have plans for running through sprinklers, keeping an eye on our small garden and (hopefully) being generally pleasant to one another.

And I have my own goals.

Essentially they can be distilled into one sentence: Taking time to Be. {Oh the loaded philosophical implications. We shan't take time to discuss them.}

But more specifically it involves stepping away from the internet towards my family, some reading, some painting, some quiet time. It sounds restful, fulfilling, and terrifying. And let's not forget, a new arrival in just a few weeks, which by nature of life, takes up a lot of living and being time. And happily so.

There are (of course there are) caveats. I will have a designated time to check my email. Probably in the evening. I will still do my banking online because I still need to manage the money. I may occasionally post on the blog. Like when baby number 5 shows up, that kind of thing. Or maybe letting you in on how the experiment is going. I won't promise anything, though.

I list these things and I hear you saying: Um. That doesn't really sound like stepping back from things. But I am. So long Twitter, surfing in general, and Google news. So long, New York Times (Gail Collins, you are my favorite opinion writer not because I always agree with you, but because you are funny; see you later).

Things start to rev up for Fall a few weeks into August and I'll be back around then. In the meantime the kids have brought in what they term a caterpillar and I think it looks a little less cuddly than that, so now I go to usher out the suspicious creature and rally the kids around the job chart.

In the meantime I wish you a lovely summer, and a farewell for just a little while! So long!

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  1. I'll miss ya! Have a fun summer. Stay cool. Don't change over the summer. 2cool 2B 4gotten.

  2. Ah, the balance! Sounds like a good direction -

  3. I was just having the same conversation with myself. I need to take a break. A little step back. Some amount of being online is a necessity, but I could use some focus. Enjoy a fabulous summer!

  4. I've been on kind of an extended break myself. I didn't actually plan mine though, it just sort of happened. And I've found it hard to come back. I want to write, and read and be connected to my internet friends again, but it just doesn't quite feel the same as it was. And I don't come visit as often as I intend to.

    So, while you are off enjoying summer (we are in stinking year round school so we still have 2 1/2 more weeks!!!! Shoot me!!!!) I just wanted you to know that I stopped by. I read all your past posts and although I didn't comment on them all (there were a LOT of past posts and well I just didn't have the energy to comment on them all, sorry) I did throughly enjoy all that I read here tonight.

    Good luck with that new little one! And, once again, have a FABULOUS summer!