Monday, July 5, 2010

I've never been too fond of a parade anyway

We did not get up and go to the Grand Parade this morning.

Perhaps that seems like a travesty seeing as parades for celebrating Independence Day are as American as apple pie, baseball and all that stuff. But so.

We've had a weekend of our own Grand Events (Toy Story 3, Fireworks, ice cream, ice cream, more ice cream!) and late nights and all that combined with a new baby has made for some very very happy times, and some very very sad times. Also, a lack of jobs being done and a lack of piano being practiced, and a lack of patience evidenced, as well as a lack of sleep for everyone and not just mom with new baby.

But despite the failed game of Loot last night, the ice cream sundaes were good (ice cream!).

And so it was: no parade this morning. The kids are unaware it even happened, which is surprising, except that we've had so much going on, they haven't had time to think through things, I guess. We shan't enlighten them.

Although we still have one more evening of festivities (this evening), today is an exercise in attempting to get back to normal, whatever normal is. I think it involves cold cereal for breakfast, piano practicing done by lunch and the lawn watered in happy fashion.

The back lawn has been watered. Some practicing of the piano has been done. Some jobs are finished. Ben made pancakes for breakfast, but we're easing in, I guess. Do not throw me a parade however. We've a way to go yet and the confetti and horses would just be a distraction.

We are avoiding parades for the sake of sanity.


  1. Lol. We actually got to be IN a parade this year!

  2. I never understood why everybody loves a parade. I avoid them. Lots of people. Heat. Candy that's been stepped on by horses. Or run over by shriners. Cheerleaders. I have issues with cheerleaders. And random royalty. Like Miss Strawberry Days. Or Miss Queen of nothing but I have a crown. Yes I'll skip the parade.