Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lucky number 5

{Here is me and my sweet babe. Who is wonderful and sweet. And about whom I wrote a post and then deleted it because the editor in me thought it wasn't ready yet. But I left up the pictures. Because he is cute. So dang cute. The pictures are not high quality. They were taken with my computer.}

He doesn't need make-up, but I think I could use some...
Bonus pict. Serious me. Checking out my long hair and my profile. Don't mess with this chick y'all. {ha!}
The End.


  1. Dang cute! Both of you.

  2. You are lovely and funny thing.. you look a lot like I imagined. wierd. :)

  3. That didn't come out right. It's wierd that you look like I imagined you would. For example I never picture you to be blond. I'm usually way off, but yourself must come through in your writing.