Monday, June 27, 2011

summer morning

It's morning. Late morning, for us, which is probably mid-morning for you (my kids get up early, so morning starts, you know, Early).

My bed is made. The dishwasher is running. My baby is still playing in his crib, surrounded by his siblings who are playing some sort of game that I hope is not making a mess, and requires tape. Hmmm.

I need to eat breakfast (leftover brownies from dessert last night doesn't count, does it) and shower.

I need to get the baby out of the crib.

It smells lovely this morning, and I am looking forward to this week full of summery activities like swimming, hanging around in small towns, skipping rocks in (on?) the lake, and well-baby check-ups for my 1 yr old. He will be so pleased to get his shots tomorrow. Yes, lovely.

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