Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maybe I could use a second nap, too.

I conked out on the couch today while Camille chatted on about the flower garden she was building with tinker toys.  Then when I woke up,  I made my way to the bathtub. So what if I already bathed this morning?  I was trying to figure out why in the world I am so dang tired.  Besides the obvious answer.  (Life).

Things have been intense around here, for several months. In the post-holiday wake, however, everyone's schedules are settling down, which is nice.  But  I'm feeling a little rudderless; a small ship in a big sea, fierce winds, etc., etc.  There is nothing quite like being lost in a familiar place to make you tired.  Or, if you like to switch the metaphor, perhaps a little ship with way too many rudders.  It makes it impossible to get anywhere because every rudder is pointing in a different direction.  Poor little ship, churning to get somewhere.

But then it came to me.  I painted a room yesterday at breakneck speed.

Rudderless, rudderful, or whatever.  I painted a room.  It looks nice.  And today I am tired.


  1. It's such a satisfaction to paint a room! (Unless, that is, you don't like the color you ended up with :) and someone I know quite well recently did just that.) I am assuming it was a bedroom. What color?