Wednesday, July 11, 2007

floating, a little uncomfortably

So hey. I'm feeling a little ... lost. Oh, I know where I am. I'm currently in Utah. Orem, to be exact. At my parents. Actually we've rented a house down the way, to sleep in, which is good, because there are wedding plans and a missionary just having come home all over this house. It gives us a place to sleep without feeling claustrophobic. And other things to worry about. But actually that is another post for another day. Forget the wide, wide streets and shopping aisles of the wild west. Where I currently feel out of sync is on the www.

I've been disconnected for a few days and so I'm behind on all of my favorite blogs, but all the sites I've bookmarked for easy access are somewhere in Kansas or Nebraska or who knows where. And then they get sent to a storage unit anyway. It's weird to navigate all my happy haunts with an unfamiliar computer. The actual environment is pretty familiar, it being my family home, and yet (another post) with all the insurance adjusters hopping around knocking down sheet rock full of mold spoors due to a leak in a kitchen pipe, things just feel out of balance. But maybe that's because the countdown to the wedding is in less than a week? Hmmm.

Can you say chaos? How about crazy? How about if we all survive the next little while things will be in good shape. Except, we hope, for the mold.


  1. I've wanted to respond several times but I keep thinking I need more time. I understand your lost feeling. I about cried when I read your post because it reminded me of last summer when I moved back to the dear old state of Utah. (Not that it's necessarily a Utah thing, that just happens to be the last time I moved.)

    I'll pray for you, because that lost feeling is so difficult!

  2. Good luck with the mold and the wedding and the moving and the everything! It's all going to be great in just a few weeks when things cool off a little. :)