Saturday, October 11, 2008


He brought his clothes to me - a shirt and his pants. When I insisted on changing his diaper he wasn't happy.

I wrestled him down, changed the diaper and went to help him put on his selection of clothing, at which point he started dancing around and screaming like a wild man because he wanted me to put his pajama pants back on.

I was, of course, utterly baffled. What in the world...? Hadn't he brought the pants to me to put on? Wasn't it his idea to get dressed?

But so what?

He's two.

And there he was, ready to melt down to a puddle of inconsolable tears and screams.

So I put the pj bottoms back on.

He promptly took them off. And then I understood.

He wanted to do that part. "Owiver do that part," he repeated to himself as he took one leg out and then the other.

I helped him put his jeans on, and all was well. Until the next toddler misunderstanding.


  1. That's my boy! Keep it up Oliver. All too soon you will once again expect your Mom to do everything for you including fixing your food, doing your dishes and laundry and you will expect her to forget that you have chores and homework.


  2. Oh my goodness - that is so dang cute!!!! LOVE IT!

  3. Oh my goodness! That is the same exact scenario we go through during the daily dressing ritual at our house. It's always a different piece of clothing though. The game is for me to anticipate which one he'll blow up over!