Thursday, October 2, 2008

picture this

A light pink floral skirt.
A dark pink dotted-stripe shirt. The dots are multi-colored.
Navy blue "soccer socks" (meaning, they go up to the knee).
Brown Mary Jane shoes.

Before I could get my camera the door bell rang and she was out the door, backpack on, ponytail swinging back and forth.

Sometimes I have to bite my tongue to let this Force of Personality and her unfettered creativeness head out on it's own without my advice and discretion. And then I remember that the world will take care of that far too soon as it is.

And that this would be a better place if we all felt comfortable in floral prints with navy blue knee socks. Figuratively speaking.


  1. I guess I should do the same for my kids more often. I am always forcing them into public conformity.

  2. Hee hee hee Allysha! I remember you going out the door in a few creative outfits.

  3. Loved the concept of this. Why is it that we are not more confident? I don't know one little kid who doesn't think they can draw wonderfully. What happens, I wonder? We have the greatest heritage immaginable, we should have more courage, know we are wonderful, etc.

    Also, loved the visual image of those clothes. Gotta love that girl.

  4. One of my favorite outfits that my daughter (6) left the house in:
    Swirly purple and pink "artist shirt" with sparkly green camouflage stretchy pants.
    Oh yeah!

    You know, MOST people don't even notice what you are wearing unless it's reallly crazy OR you point it out to them.
    That's what I think every time I get dressed and everytime I see what my daughter is wearing. :)