Tuesday, February 17, 2009

and now for my 501st post....

I'm trying to attach an application to this post that will shoot confetti and balloons out of your computer monitor or whatever electronic device you're reading this on.

But you know how that can be, trying to design something that works for a Mac and PC and whatever. In any case we may just have to do something like this:

That band you see playing in the background? It's, um, somebody famous that I like to listen to on a regular basis these days, which would be, well, okay, nobody really because I'm pretty sure it's not the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

And Edith Piaf is, well, dead.

As is Django Reinhardt.

Maybe it's Toad the Wet Sprocket reuniting for Allysha's 501 Posts party. Boy, that was sure nice of them. And Sting is dropping by later. And this entire musical conversation is making me feel old.

But, WOW (!), anyway. I mean five hundred and one posts is a lot of whatever. Some of it's been good. Some of it's just what's been there at the time. Thanks to all who come along for the ride.

In any case, if you feel so inclined you can say hi to me today in my comments and that would make me feel good.

And if you don't, well, I've pretty much worked through any blog comment insecurities at this point so, you know. But then I won't be able guarantee that possible invitation by Sting to accompany him and a few close friends back to his Italian villa for that nice relaxing holiday you've been hoping for...

In any case, Happy Tuesday, blogosphere! And happy 501 posts to me.

image on flickr


  1. Congratulations. That takes perseverance. Glad you keep writing.

  2. Congrats! I am a veritable babe in the blogging woods compared to you. Mind if I pop over when Sting shows up? He is my favorite.

  3. Wow, 501! Now that is really something. I was so pleased just to make it to 100. Man I have a long way to go!

  4. What a great milestone, congrats! (Makes me wonder where I am at in the counting game.)

    I went to a Sting concert when I was in High School and I LOVED it! And I haven't heard someone mention Toad The Wet Sprocket in eons :) !!