Monday, February 2, 2009

my baby is grumpy this morning and other tales

Oh, my dear people. I have things I could say, but they would surely come out in muddled fashion.

I could tell you heartbreaking stories, and hopeful stories, and deep thoughts about the possibilities of switching which kids go in which rooms. I could write about not being able to fall asleep and my husband humoring me with conversation that includes naming our next child (whenever next child comes about) Gandalf Blanco (should said child be a boy). Instead I will wish you a Happy Monday. A Happy Groundhog Day (Sorry, six more weeks of winter) and A Happy February.

On a side note, February is not my favorite month. This year however, as it makes a perfect box of days on my calendar, starting with Sunday and ending with Saturday, I am liking it for it's symmetry. And the ease with which one could pack it up. Good qualities in a month, I'm sure.


  1. Hmm, I was just noticing February's lovely symmetry myself. Hopefully that is a sign of other good to come this month, right?

  2. how cool to notice that, I have to get up and go look now...:)

  3. I do so love February, because it's my birthday month. Hooray! Except that this year I'll be, gulp, 30. Of course I always wondered why, if the month is the shortest of them all, my bills are all the same amount in February?