Wednesday, July 8, 2009


With so many things to get done, as well as a recently installed internet connection, one would think that blogging would immediately jump to the front of the line. Because nothing says procrastinate like blogging. Unless it's Twitter, which is also really great at saying procrastinate and other like words.

But the truth is my neck and back are a little bit achy, and I am in a pissy mood. Yes, pissy. It's not a word I like--I don't think it's very proper, and I am a big fan of decorum-- that said, there are some days when it is simply the word that fits.

I think I am in said mood because I am tired and overwhelmed. And whenever I start to sink under a deluge of tired-and-overwhelmedness, I sometimes use anger as a life jacket to stay afloat. It's not a great idea, and I don't suggest it. In fact getting some good quality sleep is probably the best solution to all the problems listed within this paragraph.

And so I think I shall take a long hot bath, and then go to sleep.

And I will have to post again soon for two reasons: a) I have so much to do, and b) If one is attempting to be somewhat decorous, then that one should not leave such a post up too long without following up with something more light-hearted and cheerful.


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  1. I can so relate to days like this. (And I feel the same way about the word pissy. But some days, that is the word you need to use.)