Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Municiple Schedules

One of the things I liked about New York was that there was some sort of trash pick-up almost everyday. Two regular garbage days, one recycling day, one day where you could throw out just about anything from an old couch to a dying toaster oven. Also, on that day, you could drive around and take stuff from other people's piles before it was removed by the able-bodied trash removers.

In our new town here garbage comes once a week, on the highly inconvenient day of Wednesday. It is virtually impossible to remember to take out the trash on a Tuesday night. Before the move, the garbage came Monday morning, which makes oodles of sense. Remembering to take the trash out Sunday night was pretty easy. A Wednesday pick up is just not intuitive. We've done okay so far. This morning was a little close.

Upon hearing the garbage truck right outside my house I dashed outside, waved and screamed at the top of my lungs, the driver relented, nodded and I hauled the garbage can to the curb, watched it mechanically wooshed up to the top of the large vehicle, contents dumped in and placed back before me.

I promptly returned it to it's place.

I have now officially labeled myself as that crazy woman who runs out in her pj's to yell loudly at garbage men.


  1. I have also been that crazy lady...

  2. They will come back if you call them on the phone. Though running down the street waving your arms and yelling in you PJs is way more exciting for you (and your neighbors). Where you formerly lived after N.Y. but before your current city they charge $10 for this come back service. It was previously free, dang them. Not that I haven't done that exact same crazy lady run.

    My mom lives in your current city. Once when I was tending her house when she was gone for the week she had a terrible stinky can of garbage. It was the middle of the summer and I was worried that it might become health hazard if it was left out there all week in 100 degree weather so I called the city and they came to pick it up even though it was not the day she was scheduled for, no charge. They may not be so nice now but they were nice garbage men then.

  3. Lol. Love the image of a disheveled pajama wearing woman running after the garbage truck!

  4. Ha ha funny metal image!