Friday, November 13, 2009

Back. Sort of.

Things are here are going rather swimmingly. We had a birthday this week and friends are coming over after school to help celebrate my second child's 6th. How many are coming I'm not sure as only two have RSVP'd. But that signifies very little.

Can I confess right now that I do not enjoy throwing children's birthday parties? Well, actually, sometimes I don't mind it, but there's a little something that's been hanging around, tickling my throat and trying to take me down. It hasn't yet, and it shouldn't any time today, but I am going to take a large dose (but not too large) of vitamin C. Go away, little something.

My oldest daughter seems to be down with the drama bug. She bursts into tears over every little thing that has not gone her way. I think she needs an earlier bedtime.

Actually, we all need an earlier bedtime. So today after the party is over I'll tuck everyone soundly into bed. It will only be 4:30 pm, but they won't mind. Right?

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