Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm ready to hibernate and other miscellany

Which is why I decided to gain a few pounds this past month. Because nothing says it's holiday time like a little added paunch, n'est-ce pas? (The french makes it sound fancier.) Now that it's cold I'm going to have a harder time exercising it off because I don't like to go out walking in the cold. Not that I was out walking when it was warm. But this is all to point out that I am tired and would really actually like to hibernate for the Winter. Doesn't a long long nap sound good?

I decided to re-read Twilight. Because the further away I get from reading the more my eyes roll when I hear anything related to it. I recently read an analysis of the series and how it is influenced by Mormon theology and doctrine. To which I said, "Meh. Sort of. But the author skips an awful lot of Bella's personality there in making her theological points." But then I thought, maybe I'm being unfair. So I read it again.

Conclusion: The Vampire folklore and backstory really is interesting. The teenage intense, meant-to-be-forever-romance that explodes from really nowhere is annoying. "I've never felt this way before at the young age of 17 and I love you with all my soul and want to give up my whole life." "And I have been alive for over a hundred years and yet I still get to act like a contemplative but moody teen because that's all anyone expects of me and my gorgeous body." Edward is more annoying the second time around. I like Jacob. Until you get to the fourth book where I pretty much hate everybody.

I ordered my first set of gifts for Christmas shopping. I have no idea what I am going to do for anyone else, but I have one thing checked off. This could be a crazy month. Especially since I am want to hibernate and not shop.

I need to do some laundry and wash my bed sheets. Wish me luck.


  1. ha ha I loved the part about Twilight... I have been meaning to read them again too, skipping the 4th which I haven't read and never plan to. We will see how it goes

  2. I just made a "to do" list myself: mopping, vaccumming and other fascinating drudgery.

    I like hearing about your re-read of Twilight. Funny thing, by book 2 I was already hating many of the characters, the love triangle crap, & despite warnings from my dearest and oldest friends, continued feasting through book 4. I finished the series all the same, sick and amazed. But mostly sick.

    I joke w/ friends that I want to be the next Steph Meyers. What I mean is this: someone who has young kids and still, amazingingly enough, can ignore the vaccumming and mopping to write not only a novel but a series of novels. Forget that hers is somewhat overhyped mediocrity.

    PS: I'm going to see New Moon on Fri, complete with eye rolling and popcorn. I'm sure, as with most things Twilight, I will love it, hate it. But feel compelled to go all the same.

  3. Shauna and I are waiting in line for the midnight showing. We have fake vampire teeth and glitter at the ready. Oh, and dog ears. It's going to be epic. Let me know if you want us to save you a place in line. And the answer is YES. A nap sounds divine.

  4. This is Kara by the way. Our families are temporarily co-habitating. Didn't mean to be posting in the name of my sister!

  5. Enjoyed your comments about Twilight. I didn't realize until you mentioned it that I didn't like the fourth book either. (Though that was the book where I saw the most Mormon theology-- I haven't read any reviews of the correspondences.) But I think I let myself live with the characters less critically, so I didn't hate the characters--just some of the plot. Since I find the characters rather swoon-worthy I didn't blame them for any foibles of the plot. :)

    Also, I am still ever-so-impressed that a young mother of three who had never written even so much as a short story did such an amazing job. That woman certainly does not lack for plot ideas. It could be her blessing and curse. A little more development of the twists and turns would have been better. The book--till book 4--moved through numerous plot intricacies at break neck speed. (No pun intended.)

    Still I remain very impressed with her. And to think she did not even start out to write a book, much less a blockbuster. The story just poured out of her. I remember having strange fantasies when I was young--fantasy life fades a great deal with age, for better or worse; but I never went out on a limb and tried to write a story. Yet a lot of the best things in my life happened when I put myself out of my comfort zone. I have a huge tendency to "cocoon." What a ride she has had! (Oh and by the way, after the first book, someone else was probably doing the vacuuming--which imho is a great blessing. After a certain amount of vacuuming, you really don't need any further experience with it. )

    From today's paper: Edward's bumper sticker: "I can totally be a pain in the neck!"; Jacob's bumper sticker, "My bark is not worse than my bite!" I find the whole hoopla very entertaining. And really who can complain when the whole teenage world is reading about love triumphing over all, no sex before marriage, and babies are wonderful! Yes, yes, I know the nuances of reality are missing, and the books would have been better with them, and that real love is not particularly like Twilight love, but still a few smoldering looks evoke a smile in addition to the eye roll; and probably most of us have experienced similar heart-racing moments that, usually, came to nothing--or perhaps matured into something.

    I'll be going to see the movie, but I'll wait till Mary comes home for Christmas, otherwise I would be in line with her for the first showing. She will have seen it when she gets here, but will want to see it again.