Friday, February 19, 2010

Everyone's A Critic (An Olympic Post For Tress and LorFlor)

Note to Yevgeny Plushenko (and all you other quad jump whiners):


Your program just wasn't as good.

Yes, you are a power house skater and that's great. It's fun to watch your jumps. And quads? Yeah, the risk! the excitement! I'm all for it.

But the idea that power should trump grace and other technicalities just because it's more powerful...let's just turn all sports into Rugby, please. The finesse is always part of the game. Especially in figure skating. You need both.

Also, your program last night was a little messy and slightly unbalanced. You landed the jumps. You were lucky. Also the pandering to the judges (hip wiggle wiggle kiss)? Cute. But no cigar.

Evan landed his jumps in spectacular and graceful fashion and had a beautiful program. And if you think it's a bunch of men keeping the sport alive by waiting anxiously before the television screen to see you amp it up, let me tell you my husband was asleep and I was the one watching. Someone said something like "People watch skating because they like to watch warriors." That someone is drinking kool-aid.

I want both. And last night Evan Lysacek was better, and better to watch.

That's all. Be a good sport about winning the silver. I know you say you like to have enemies and to be considered the bad guy, but you'll be happier if you learn a little bit about being not just powerful, but graceful. On the ice and in defeat.


  1. I missed the skating and I tried not to grumble. Let's just say I have too many American Idol fans in the house for my comfort.

    As for the men's skating? I have the hardest time watching the hip wiggles and abject flamboyancy. If I want to see women skate I'll watch women skate. If I want to watch men's skating, give me men. The greatest thing that could happen to men's skating is to have the men wear serious gear and treat it more like ballet and less like they're Liberace.

  2. I am laughing so hard! Well-written, and I couldn't agree more. We were laughing so hard listening to his rants and then watching Lyca... (hmm, I should have paid attention to your spelling), but watching him give such calm and graceful interviews. But I guess you can be graceful when you've got the gold. And whiney when you came out of retirement (right) and got second place. His quad was his only good jump to defend, no wonder he's going on about it.

  3. yes wasn't it strange that they kept quoting Plushenko talking about "enemies," aren't they competitors?