Friday, October 15, 2010

A Break

Wednesday Ben took the kids to a sourdough pizza restaurant. I don't like sourdough anything so he figured it was his opportunity to try it out. They went to the park. They went to the library. The pizza restaurant was void of any customers save my family, so the kids got to run around and have the time of their lives. (I fear ever sending them back there should they chance to meet other customers who require children sit at their own booth and not everyone else's.) They had a splendid time.

Yesterday we went to the zoo. I got ready for it slowly, determined not to send myself back to the sick bed just for the sake of some foreign animals. We forgot the stroller so the baby was generally good natured about being hauled around like a sack of flour. He fussed a little bit but I fed him on a bench above the giraffe sanctuary and really I thought he was a trooper, what with no nap, no regular and ample lunch, and no sense of the wonderful world of animals we were traipsing through.

The kids did great. We kept track of all of them. If you ask them their favorite part they will tell you the carousel ride and the cotton candy. The traffic home was intense, but the kids did splendidly. Surprisingly, it was only the baby who cried at all, and I was relieved and only a little bit tired (well, a lot bit, but not sick and exhausted) when we arrived home.

Today is an open book, with some kid crafty painting scribbled in somewhere. A trip to the local Walmart and Costco are on the docket. I need to get tile cut. Hopefully the kids enjoy a little time around the house. I am going to try and chill a little bit more, though the house seems to be screaming out that I clean it a little bit and do some vacuuming. But we're chill here. Sort of.

This weekend is Fall Break. And it's turning out rather nicely.


  1. breaks are good. take a break. we all need breaks. let's go to France! let's be European!

  2. Maybe Ben is my child because I love sour dough! How can you not? Ode to trips to the zoo!