Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the music that swells the soul

Sunday evening my daughter and my sister performed a small piano recital; it was just the two of them and my sister-in-law who joined my sister in a duet (and who is their fabulous piano teacher).

My oldest, sitting up on the bench before the grand piano looked such an odd combination of the baby she was eight years ago and the girl she is now, growing up swiftly, and generally with grace (if the occasional tantrum). She did very well, was very composed and I was proud of her.

My youngest sister, who can be irrationally modest about her talents and performing abilities, was fantastic. I loved hearing her pieces and sat in awe of her as she played. K.K. is dedicated and lovely. It was a pleasure to watch her as she shared with us pieces that my soul delights in for their beauty and technicality.

It's cloudy, windy and rainy today. After a few weeks of weather that has been much too warm for my tastes we have weather to fit the season. It makes me feel cosy and warm and satisfied, with just a hint of melancholy. The leaves are rustling in the breeze, there is a mellow yet crisp scent to the air. It all sounds wonderful.


  1. That was a great evening! They all did very well.

  2. sometimes it's weird to realize your siblings (and I am sure kids) are growing up. enjoyed the post!