Friday, May 20, 2011

A day in the life

For breakfast this morning I ate the remainder of slice of key lime pie.

Yesterday was our 11th anniversary {Ben & mine} and we celebrated in a fairly low key fashion: We dropped our kids off to school and then took the little kids and went out to breakfast,

then went to the bookstore where I purchased a book on Vermeer and a fat madlibs book for my kids since summer is on it's way and it looks like it will never stop raining and for our future sanity's sake {my kids and mine} I had to get it,

and then we went to a French bakery after I had picked up ballet tickets for this weekend and I got an eclair and Ben got a Paris-Brest and Oliver loved his pain au chocolate and Camille was too full from breakfast to want anything,

and then we went home and Ben stopped in at work to check a render and then Ben picked up the girls and we had a happy afternoon where I went and bought about a billion potty treats because we are in the final {I hope} throws {throws!!!} of potty training and I needed to pull out some big guns to get us to the end {I hate potty training} {and no, the treats are not for me, though perhaps they should be},

and then we fed the kids and put them to bed,

and then we ordered in {CPK - Ben adores their mushroom pizza} and ate dinner sans enfants,

and then watched Jeeves & Wooster, and ate pieces of a gigantic Toblerone chocolate bar. ENORMOUS.

Oh yes, and earlier in the day we stopped by the hardware store to look at lights. But we have yet to find a satisfactory one {It's for our entry way}.

This is what 11 years looks like. And it's good.


  1. Happy anniversary. And if you're asking, I totally support potty treats for the mom.

  2. Hey Allysha, should I offer you a potty training treat? I will take you to The Chocolate for a piece of cake when the job is accomplished.