Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random Thought

So yesterday on a local radio program they were talking about flooding in Utah, since it looks like this Spring there will be, again, lots of flooding in Utah. And one of the men mentioned that in the flood of forty-something when he was in sixth-grade they pulled all of the sixth-graders out of school to help sandbag etc. to stop the flooding.

"That tells you how bad it was," he said. "That they got the sixth-graders out of school."

I thought something else. I think that tells you how much less we expect of our kids these days, and how much more they could really do.

The End.


  1. seriously. You hear pretty amazing stories about the capacity of children, teenagers, and wonder how much of a disservice we do by expecting fairly little. One of my professors was fond of talking about how "A Childhood" how we picture it to be is a very recent invention.

  2. Amen to that. Teenagers here don't even have jobs, and I find it such a strange mentality that they're parents are so protective of it like their children are too... I'm not sure - busy? young? innocent? to have a job. Blah. That's why I love how my husband grew up on a farm and knew how to work from the time he was born.