Wednesday, August 10, 2011

resolved again: just say no

We got hamburgers and fries for dinner on the way home from dropping our car off for some repairs. The past few years I have really limited how much fast food we eat-- and it was never very much to begin with--but there are those nights...

and then I always regret feeding that junk to my kids. Always. I had one kid who wasn't full anyway, and one who felt sick all night. But now my resolve is strong again. Suggest Wendy's and I will say that if we must, I'll see you at In and Out Burger, where at least their meat is fresh and not filled with ammonia. We have a Sonic by our house. I say, with pride, my kids don't even think about it as a place to eat at, just as a landmark that says you are almost home.

Fast food = It may be sort of fast, but can we really call it food? That is my question for today. Michael Pollan would say "No." And so do I.


  1. Sonic....I literally dream about their Cranberry Limeade... yummy. ;-) Do the drinks count as fast food?

  2. It may depend on whether you sip them or gulp them.

  3. Although I do agree with your general sentiment of fast food, your post only made me hungry for an In and Out burger. Those things are gooood! Or am I supposed to say In n Out?