Monday, August 22, 2011

Time Warp

I went to write a post about the first day of school and I got sucked in to some of my old posts. It's fun to take a jaunt around my old (yet younger!) self.

And then today my oldest started fourth grade, and my next oldest started second grade, and I called the principal and had my son switched to a different kindergarten class. It is not in my nature to do something like that, I'm normally a go with the flow, teach my kids to go with the flow kind of person. But. The classroom situation to which he had been assigned was one I was unhappy with for so many reasons, so there. I exercised my parental rights and got him switched to a new class. Kindergarten starts next week.

Where does the time go? Three kids in school. And I'm starting to wig out about next year, because next year four of my kids will be in school. And I have five kids. Oh Time. Where does it fly?

To old blog posts, I guess. My baby has decided that now, at the age of 14 months, is the time to start walking. And I love to see him wobble along on his two skinny legs, but there's something about it that breaks my heart. So I am writing this so that I can read it in 5 years and just enjoy the record of the past while I shake my head at living in the present, because really? How in the world did I get here?

It's so strange.


  1. Why do they have to start walking? Breaks my heart.

  2. A wise idea to write these thoughts and feelings. It's hard to go back to them as years pile on years again and again and there is something strangely comforting revisiting some former territory.