Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's come down to that: the posting at the beginning of each month, and then -- nothing.  And so it goes.

November entered this year with swirling wind and rain beating down the leaves that have not yet fallen off the front tree in our yard.  It is still dark outside from the blanket of heavy clouds covering the valley from mountain to mountain.

Now I wish I had bagged up the leaves that were left on the ground yesterday.

There is something cozy and grim about this kind of Fall weather.  Something that demands a sweater and a nice cup of herbal tea.  My tea went cold this morning getting kids out the door to school.  But that is not unusual.  I have a house to pick up, beds to make and floors to vacuum and sweep.

Last night after the kids had eaten a sufficient amount of candy and were sent off to bed I took down the Halloween decorations and packed them back up.  I gathered a few carefully chosen candy remnants for myself and took a book to bed to read.  This morning I am back to eating no sugar for a few weeks.  I turned the calendar almost as soon as I was up. I am fond of October but I am happy to be done with it this year.

Hello, November.


  1. I'm attempting the sugar free weeks with you...we'll see how long it lasts. It's my memory that usually kills me on these things :)

  2. There's a certain, strangely pleasant austerity and discipline about November. ( I am not referring to the eating patterns towards the end of the month!)