Thursday, November 1, 2007

I like Thursdays

...because the week is almost over, the extra-curricular activities have all been accounted for, and the weekend is just around the corner. I like Thursday because it's a good day to take stock of what you've done and what's coming up. It's a day when you can have a little bit of chocolate just because. Maybe because you walked an extra block this morning. Or maybe because it was a day to skip the walking because you did a lot of walking last night. You called it "trick-or-treating." (Hence the ready availability of chocolate). Thursdays are like odd numbers. They just are nice to have around or to be. Or maybe like carameled apples, where the caramel isn't too sticky and the apple isn't too sour or too sweet. Thursday just is. And I really like Thursday.

This Thursday is especially nice. For one thing, it's November first and Halloween is OVER. I love November and I have been pretty bah-humbuggy about Halloween this year. I didn't want to participate. I'm working on keeping to a budget, so I didn't want to spend any money on contributing to the collective neighborhood cavity count. The prospect of visiting the non-descript architecture they call houses here, in the cold and dark, was not inspiring. Last year we trick-or-treated on Dante Avenue. It's hard to beat that.

There is a little tradition around here where during the month of October, treats are delivered anonymously to people. The treat comes with a little paper ghost to put in your window, indicating that you have been cheerfully spooked, but not before you make copies of the ghost so that you can continue the tradition.

But really, I wasn't in the mood to run away after ringing someone's doorbell, cackling like a witch over her brewing potion. I did made a few treats and even delivered them. In person. Without the little ghost. I didn't want to pass on the responsibility. I did, after a few days, put my own ghost in my window, so that we wouldn't get treated a second time. (I'm noble like that.)

The girls have been asking why we have Halloween. Hmmm. Because of the commercial dividends paid to the candy makers and distributors? They had a blast dressing up (including the few days before Halloween- let's get some use out of those costumes!) and they enjoyed going out with Ben. My little boy was a sweet cowboy in a costume that cost nothing (hooray for that budget!) and now I'm ready for some real holidays. And, as always, regular Thursdays welcome at any time.

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