Friday, November 2, 2007

sound off - a rose by any other name

So here is a question for all you bloggers w/ children: do you use their real names? Why or why not? I've been weighing pros and cons for awhile and haven't made a decision. (I'm either really slow, or very busy- maybe both.)

I'd love to use my kids nick-names, if they had any. But they don't and I'm pretty attached to their real names. I mean, I named them what I named them for a reason. And I want to use names for my kids here, because when you get three daughters and a son, it's time to identify them by more than age and gender. But I don't know about sending out their little identities unprotected into cyberspace.

Let me know what you think. If you do use your kids real names, but don't want people to necessarily know that, sign in with a different name or as annonymous so others can't link back to your blog.

Thanks! Happy Weekend!


  1. I don't like using my kids' names. It makes them too vulnerable. But using fake names might put someone else's kids at risk. So I simply use my kids' social security numbers.

  2. I figure since the 10 people who read my blog already know my kids' names there is no reason to come up with alternate names for them. Maybe if my readership passes 10 I will regret being so cavalier.

  3. Your Friend In TKH11/03/2007 5:48 AM

    I use my kids' real names, but I wish I hadn't sometimes. I also wish I hadn't used my last name in my blog address. I'm not really scared of someone stealing my identity or anything off of blogger, but I have had a few people "stalk" my blog, and I think I'd feel better about those people not knowing anything real about my family.

    But, then again, it's a blog and it's supposed to be about me and my family. And I like my kids' names, too.

    I say stick with anonymity.

  4. I am very careful about protecting my daughter and use a nickname on the blogs and about 5 nicknames at home. :) You really don't know who reads this, unless you restrict it, which I hope you won't because your writing is too good to only have a restricted audience.. get some nicknames.. that my two cents.

  5. Thanks for the advice (and the compliments, love boxes). I am formulating names at this very moment.

  6. If you're on Blogspot and you post under your blog name, then you are public. For example, I don't personally know any of you here, but found this darling website that I enjoy reading. So I have to agree with those who say stay anonymous.

    To tell you the truth, I'm a little concerned about those of you who post pictures of your kids. Those pictures can be lifted off your site and used for other things. (My daughter calls me Psafety Psycho.) I guess I'm overly conservative. But I hate the thought that innocent children's pictures could be used for anything unsavory.