Monday, November 12, 2007

In which I think about becoming a cook

My daughter's birthday was on Saturday. She turned four. Which is kind of funny, because in truth, I feel like she's been four for at least six months now. Actually, I always feel that way when her birthday comes around. She has a way of seeming older than she is, and her intellect is certainly up to it. Then again, she throws in a few moments of "younger than" as well, to make up for it I'm sure. In any case, birthdays mean birthday cake. And we needed to make one!

I'm trying to stick to a budget and so in the grand tradition of trying to save a little moolah here and there, I decided to make the cake from scratch myself. Also, the frosting. (Whoa! Don't go too crazy, Allysha!) So I did. With ample help from Ben. Actually, I was probably more of the cake assistant, but it was a cake with frosting all made from ingredients in our kitchen! The frosting required a little bit of cooking, even. But it was easy.

It turned out pretty good. The cake was little bit dry from being in the oven a few extra minutes, but the frosting was great. A chocolate truffle frosting made largely from cream. Yummy. And we had some extra frosting, so we homemade some cupcakes as well. They were not bad. But I think the bug has bitten. Ben and I are curious as to how we can better our cake making skills. Or is that skillz? I'll let you know how it goes, if it goes!


  1. That's funny, I was posting on cake tips last week--I'm just sad there are no pictures of your triumph.

  2. I love cake, but cupcakes taste better to me for some reason. :) Congratulations on a new couples hobby.. that's what we do. We both make the same recipe a hundred times until we've fiddled it into perfection. Very fun.

  3. Yum. My mom always made cakes and frosting from scratch and I feel guilty now whenever I do the shortcut methods (or even, gasp, buy a premade cake!).

    I'm actually hosting a cooking class on December 1st and we're going to make a traditional yule log cake. My friend Chef Tara is teaching it (she's a culinary institute graduate and she never buys pre-made cakes). Are you interested?