Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dear Santa

It's time once again for the annual 'Open letter to Santa Claus.' Read about where the idea comes from and last year's letter here.

Dear St. Nick,

Wow, where does a year go? This one has flown by and I need to sit down and catch my breath. Do you feel the same way when December rolls around? I imagine that you are a Master Organizer and so important dates don't creep up on you, or maybe they do, but you have Mrs. Claus who is your Master Organizer and so she gets you off to the races in time for all of the celebrations going on at this time of year (thanks, Mrs. Claus!)

Of course this year you'll find us in Utah, and not New York. The girls have asked for all kinds of things this year, but Ben and I feel that bikes might be a nice addition to the family since we have a garage to store them in and a little more space where the kids can ride them. Of course the baby doesn't need one, she'll be happy just to be a part of things and will probably just want to eat the wrapping paper. My sweet boy is also enchanted by things that go, so a little trike or something would be nice. They'll understand that you can't bring that puppy they've been mentioning.

Oh. Also a No Whining Potion would be a big hit. My kids might not think they need it, and often they don't, but it would be nice, none the less.

As for me, well, I don't want to sound greedy or ungrateful for my current situation -- I will happily rent until I die if that's how things go -- but I'd like a house. However, I don't think you carry those around in your pack.

Here's something that takes up no room at all: I'd like the gift of making a little go a long way, and that will help with getting a house on our own. Also I'd like a cheerful and contented heart, and a dash of patience, which my children will appreciate. Maybe a bottle of bubble bath, and if you're feeling extravagant on my behalf, some Angel perfume. Apparently there is chocolate in it, and the scent is heavenly. But I don't need it, especially if the bubble bath is scented.

Last but not least, send Ben some down time, and a little relaxation and children who sleep through the night.

That's it for this year, Santa! Thanks for everything you do! Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas! Love, Allysha


  1. I am with you on many of those requests to Santa, esp. seeing that' it's 5 a.m. and no one feels like sleeping anymore (except me)

  2. One year I asked Santa for a house. I really wanted one bad. We'd been living in a condo we couldn't sell for 5 years. We had drug dealers, meth cooks and prostitues for neighbors and a new baby daugher.. not a good mix. We wished really hard and we worked really hard and we wrote a letter to Santa and the next year we had a candelight Christmas Eve dinner in our own home.. a moment I will never forget. I wish that for you.