Thursday, December 27, 2007

Um, yes? I could use a holiday, thanks!

If you were a waiter at a nice restaurant, or even better, some personal assistant at a really nice spa attending to my every need (I'm sure they have a name like "waiter" - I am just not priviledged (a.k.a. wealthy) enought to know the term) that's probably what I would say if they asked me what I needed. A holiday. Although, if I was at either of those places I would probably be enjoying a holiday of sorts and so the question, and therefore the response, would be moot. (Isn't that a great word? Moot, moot, moot, moot, moot).

On Christmas Eve we gathered at my parent's house about 4:30 in the afternoon. A winter storm was rolling in, presenting us with snow for Christmas for the first time in a long time. We mixed and mingled and only started dinner a little bit late, which was actually on time by other year's standards. My sister and I (the only ones with kids so far) requested an early start time so that we could have enough time to mix and mingle (with a jingling beat) before needing to leave at S.M.T., which, if you're a parent you will recognize as "Standard Meltdown Time" which of course is the hour all children in your care immediately tire of the celebration and burst into tears and you must ungracefully haul them out to the car while hurridly downing your last few gulps of eggnog. Or Sprite, in my case, since I don't like eggnog.

Anyway! It was a nice evening and we had a good time, and left before SMT, and the kids, after sort of acting out the Nativity with only a few tears involved because of lack of professionalism on certain siblings' part, got to bed at a decent time. And Santa came, and his gifts were good. And really, it was a nice morning, etc. etc. And everyone played all day without worrying about anything else. Which brings me to the holiday thing.

I know that technically all that I just detailed was my holiday, but I spent a good chunk of time and energy cleaning the house on the morning of the 24th because I really like a clean house for Christmas, and I've been slowly trying to undo the clutter left in Santa's wake for the last two days, because I like a clean house after Christmas, too, but it's really beyond me. Not that the house is awful at all. But just that I need a holiday to recoup from the holiday. You know, get some energy back. I know this isn't an original sentiment. But it's a true sentiment, anyway. So, maybe for New Year's I can get a holiday? No? Well alright, I really didn't think so. Maybe just some resolutions then. Okay. I guess that will have to do!


  1. I love that--Standard Meltdown Time. We stayed way past that and were sorry all night.

  2. This all sounds about standard. I'm thinking that I'll really clean the house when school starts up again. I finally broke down and vacuumed, but I did have to vacuum around a good many things that I don't know where to put. The ADVANTAGE of living in a small cottage as opposed to a mansion is that we must weed out clutter.. something that pack rats like myself don't do well. Good luck to both of us!