Monday, December 17, 2007

the monday morning restoration project

Yikes. The Weekend Whirlwind of Disaster visited my house this, um, weekend actually, and left in it's wake books and toys and markers and small pieces of paper all over the floor, in almost all rooms. In my world, Christmas Cheer has a hard time operating in this kind of environment. That means either I'm a grinch (likely) or that the mess is pretty bad (also likely).

The kitchen counter is overflowing with a myriad of clutter, most of which, does not belong on a kitchen counter. Amid the cluttered mess I found, to my dismay, a cup, once filled part-way with chocolate milk. Said milk was also found, no longer in the cup, but on the counter spread thin and becoming somewhat sticky and glue like, attaching papers everywhere to the faux-marble finish. Lovely.

That said, I am actually writing this and posting this, in other words, I am actually blogging from home this morning on my very own 24 carat, genuine internet connection. Hel-lo World! Can I check the weather for you? Maybe do some online banking? Or perhaps I can just throw in this free set of knives with your online purchase of a new DVD player since your old one broke over the weekend? Just let me know.

Happy Monday, everybody.

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  1. I see progress here at the end! Congratulations! It reminds me of the time when I got six matching white towels.. it felt like something was working. :)