Wednesday, February 20, 2008

letters to a parent

Annie, from Basic Joy, came up with a really great idea: to have parents write letters about their experiences and things they've learned, to other parents who may find themselves in the same or similar boat while floating on the ocean of parenthood.

I love this idea, and so I was quite flattered to be nominated to write a letter. (thanks, Gabby!) Since it's only been about six years since I embarked on this journey of motherhood, I wasn't sure to whom I should address my letter. Finding myself in the thick of small-child parenting I am very aware that I don't know a whole lot. And so, I wrote the letter to myself, six years ago, right before my oldest was born. I think I came up with some decent stuff that I will find helpful now and in the years to come. Hopefully some one else will, too!

My letter is up today, so go on over and visit Letters to a Parent. Take a look around. There is some good stuff over there.

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  1. Your letter was great. It made me wish I could go back in time and receive a similar letter.