Monday, February 4, 2008

what do you know

I know that tomorrow is Super-de-duper Tuesday. If I'd thought about it earlier I would have planned a Primary Party, with red, yellow & blue decorations and treats. So, no party. But you can bring over some chips and dip and listen with me to the returns come in on NPR, if you like.

I know that if the FBI needs to find you, they will. Once I worked as a manager for a time-share resort thing. One of the guys who worked with me was a smart soon-to-be law student named Sam, who had a theory that all food could some how be classified as pizza (spaghetti: noodles/ crust, sauce/sauce or, PB Sandwich: bread/crust, PB/sauce ... and so on). A few years later I was married (hence, new last name), not working at that job and living in a different place
when, indeed, the FBI called me about Sam. He had applied for some special government job or something and the FBI needed me to confirm a few things about him. Funny, huh. They actually called me twice. Let me tell you, your heart skips a beat when the man on the other end of the line tells you he's with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I know that I have millions of words in my head waiting, just waiting to be written down, if I could only get them out. At which point, hopefully they would arrange themselves into a national best seller and rid me of my student loans.

I know that Alan Greenspan is one smart cookie. Seriously, the man is impressive. I've been reading his book, The Age of Turbulence. I'm learning a lot about economics. More than I actually learned in the economics class I took in college. But that was mostly because there was a cute boy who sat in front of me, and my best friend and I spent our time staring at him instead of listening to the professor. Actually, I just wasn't that invested (get it? hee). English was a much better major for me. (But the guy was pretty cute..)

I know that I should go to bed now. Otherwise, I will be tired and grumpy tomorrow and really, my lovely family deserves better than that. But I'll probably stay up just a little bit longer, anyway.

What do you know? I want to know.


  1. I know - that all my daughters are amazing writers!


  2. I now know that I can vote today, whereas yesterday I didn't think that was an option, me being a registered independent. Now the issue is, who to vote for? Any suggestions that you'd care to share and the reasons for said suggestion?

  3. I know that I'm happy I've found your blog....I'm enjoying it!

  4. well, Dedee. I have plenty of opinions. I like Romney because I think he's a good man, smart, and has a lot of practical experience. I don't agree with him on all the issues. But I don't agree with any candidate of all of the issues. And I agree with all of the candidates on at least one of the issues. Yikes.

    Really, I want to start my own party. Because there are things about both parties that make my skin crawl- and sometimes it comes down to "who makes my skin crawl the least?" And I haven't answered that yet.

    So, there. A brief answer- that's really no answer at all. Maybe I'll post a political post one of these days...we'll see.

    And Tiff! Welcome, and thanks for commenting! I'm glad you like it!

  5. I know that I am grateful to be an American.

    I know that to be able to vote is a priceless blessing.

    I know that we are all blessed to live in a land where blood is not shed when power changes hands.

  6. So I just realized that my profile page says nothing about me...nor points to my blog. I wasn't trying to be mysterious...maybe just lazy. So I've corrected that if you were interested who this new chick was that has been reading your blog...and enjoying it! = )