Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a parent's commentary on some Christmas Lists.

M's list:

- a Wii with a Wii game {discussed by the parents: not this year}
- some dolls (the word "some" replacing the word "a") {we have a lot of dolls already...}
- map of the world {do-able}
- a doll house {no, we don't have the space}
- a board game {possibly}
- some books for kids {yes}
- a cat {no}
- a card game {we'll see}
- a coloring book {sure. why not?}

E's list:

- a Wii game (initially just a Wii, until her older sister pointed out that there would already be a Wii according to her list, and so they could use another game instead) {see above}
- some tractor toys {hmmmm, really?}
- some dolls {see above}
- a kitty {see above}
- toys. just toys. whatever toys. {sure. whatever toys are probably available}
- a wind-up rocket {what???}
- pretty, fake flowers {again, what??? also: oxymoron?}
- a Barbie set {No.}
- a little bit Ponies {we have a lot of ponies.}


  1. tractor toys and pretty fake flowers? soo creative ;)