Monday, January 4, 2010

Cheerful & Realistic

My husband, Ben, thinks my last post was depressing and full of foreboding for the coming year. I entirely disagree.

I think what my last post said was "I was tired. I was unorganized. And the last month of the year was hectic. But there were some nice moments and we're moving forward. Without any unrealistic expectations."

I would, for the record, like to state that the phrase "unrealistic expectations" in no way indicates a depressed mood or loss of hope or anything like that. It's just that for this coming year I am aware of my boundaries, aware of what I can probably get done, and therefore aware of what I can't or won't get done. {Also, with four kids, I find that expectations can get unrealistic in a hurry and that it usually doesn't do anyone any good.}

All in all, I expect that 2010 will be a very nice year. But that is in part because it will be a minimalist year. I refuse to go overboard when I can putter around on the deck taking care of a few important things and letting other things float off into the sunset, or wherever it is they go to.

The filter through which I view life is not rose colored, but it is a pleasant shade of something and I am generally optimistic and cheerful, if in a subdued way. But I believe that things work out, that hard times have purpose, and that God is There. Yes, capital T. So I try not to worry about things too much.

In any case, today is the first Monday of a new year and I am off to shuttle my children to school. The sun has just peaked over the mountain and my youngest is complaining that she is confined to her crib.

And so it's off to the races!

Happy New Year.


  1. Makes perfect sense to me; and I did not think you were being pessimistic--just realistic. I can totally relate. Besides, I notice that some of my friends who go hog wild accomplishing everything possible every moment, have somewhat large breakdowns of either sickness or depression--or they beat themselves up for not accomplishing wonders. Nothing wrong with a good dose of reality. Plus, recognizing reality does not mean that one does not have or is not working toward goals, dreams, and vision.

  2. I've found more joy in mothering (I have four, too) and being than in running crazy, overextending.

    I'm turning 38 this week and as the years fall away I feel a mellowing inside, like I've signed a "noncompete disclosure" and it's just me and my family, peeling off the days, moving forward together. No rose colored glasses, just life and it's raw, crazy beauty.

  3. I think your resolutions for 2010 sound perfect! I think I will make some of the same ones.

    Happy New Year! Here's to being cheerful and realistic :) !!

  4. I quite enjoyed your fairly clever summation of 2009 and the prospects for 2010.