Tuesday, January 5, 2010


True to the form of my New Year's Resolution to take things easy as they come (if it can be called a resolution) our Christmas tree sits in the front room, ornament-less, tinsel-less, light-less. It still looks lovely, if a little bare and dry. It is waiting for someone or two to have the time to haul it outside. In the meantime my children will continue to be thrilled to have a tree in the house, decked out or not.

The Christmas decorations have been taken down and put into newly bought storage containers. I purchased an ornament box that I am in love with. Perhaps in part because of the color, the perfect shade of red. They sit in my front room next to the tree waiting to be put away. Things are coming down in the same way they were put up; slowly, somewhat haphazardly, as we go along.

Last night I practiced relaxing. That sounds a little silly, but my back and shoulder muscles have been so tight and sore, and I have been prone to some piercing headaches that have made doing a number of things a little unpleasant. Ben sent me to my room with a Coke for my headache and a bed for my back. It helped.

It's cold outside. Normal for January. I am always anxious for warmer weather once the new year has shown up. I know, I live next to the mountains and not the beach. So I won't hold my breath. Instead I'll keep breathing and take the Christmas boxes out to the garage when I get to it.


  1. Sounds nice...maybe we could order in a masseuse to help with that resolution!

  2. It's funny to read your blog, as I'm finding some similarities. (My husband's name is Ben, too. Although he sends me to my room with a bar of dark chocolate...)

    Our outside Christmas lights never made it up this year. That was a first. And we didn't even mind (neither did the kids). We do what we can, when we can. All else can slide until then.

  3. As the years go by I find myself turning more and more into Grandmother (oh no!), so I can't resist asking, "Are you drinking enough water!!?" Also try the following: Raise your hands above your head, bend your arms and cross them behind your head letting your hands rest on your shoulders. Then gently apply pressure on your head with your crossed arms, letting your head fall forward. (And Elizabeth tells me brown colas have terrible stuff in them--try Mountain Dew.) My Christmas stuff is in an upstairs room waiting for its final journey as well. :)

    I make my kids "plant" the tree in the back yard where I can see it for an additional month or so. It's too sad to just toss it out.