Monday, January 11, 2010

For now, For love, Forever Amen.*

Though I am light on the resolutions this year, I have resolved to get to bed earlier and exercise more. Getting to bed earlier can be tricky. And as far as the exercise goes? Enter the mini trampoline.

We got a jogging trampoline for Christmas. My kids love it. And I myself am rather fond of it.
I've never really been into the DVD way of exercise, but it is way too cold to go out walking these days. Not that I have been out walking when it was warmer either... So last week I mini-jogged, jumped and rocked my way through Marc Cohn and Belinda Carlisle singing some happy tunes. I like exercise on my own terms. Hopefully it pays off.

{* from We Want The Same Thing by Belinda Carlisle. Yeah. It's about as rocked out as I get.}


  1. Maybe you should make a work out video to Belinda. And then sell it. You could be the new work-out guru. Ta da!

  2. Love Belinda. After all these years, she's still divine.