Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Curse the PTA! {oh, I jest...}

This week at our school is literacy week. Literacy apparently means cookies, donuts, and some other snacks. Silly me. I thought it had to do with reading and the like.

Amid the treats, literacy also means wearing hats to school; something I can deal with. It means wearing green on Tuesday; something I can also deal with after searching through the laundry pile.

Literacy means dressing up like your favorite character in a book. Which we have already done once this school year. The last time didn't include Halloween, though it was around the same time. And right at this very moment my daughter is downstairs crying because she does not know who to dress up as, and it is very Very traumatic. It's something that annoys me to no end.

I applaud the idea of promoting reading. I am all for it. I just hate the dress-up part.

And don't even get me started on the part that says you must include sugar into every activity you do otherwise the world will fall apart. Our 'no sugar' month has made me realize just how much junk other people give my kids. I am not too happy about it.

So there you go. Signing off ~ Me, the Humbug of school activities! Ta ta!

(P.S. I imagine some may feel inclined to defend the PTA, or even suggest I join it. The PTA does a good job. I applaud those involved for being so. But if I joined the PTA my idea would be to suspend half of the activities because I find them superfluous. That's all.)


  1. I think you should write I letter to the PTA expressing your thoughts. As they are very valid.

  2. That would drive me nuts! My son's school celebrated literacy last week, and I did not have time to organise a costume for him at all. Guess what? The teacher whipped out a Fireman costume for him and all was well.

    Being lazy totally pays off. :P

  3. Lol. Can't wait for school and all it entails. Thankfully, I still have 3 years!

  4. As a teacher I must comment, Not every child comes from a home that nurtures discovery and learning. Not every child is a "school" learner, not every child has every opportunity your children have. My class includes two ESL children, a child from a same sex parent home, 5 children that have IEPs (special ed) 6 children that are in additional RTI's that don't qualify for any additional academic help, but need it, and 2 children with severe behavior diagnosis and 1 severe special ed child, that leaves 7 children that could be considered "normal" students. I am with these children 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, my prep time is spent working with the students that are extremely far behind grade level, my lunch time is spent with the students who will not do their work, so I am in there teaching them how to work, never mind doing the assignments correctly. My point??? There are some activities that may annoy parents to death, but they are life saving for the children who do not have a strong school "ethic", often through no fault of their own. I deal with issues daily that I could not imagine existed even 10 years ago. So please be gentle to those that are trying to reach as many students as they can through different venues and learning modalities. If a silly costume will get a non-reading, disengaged "only child' whose parents won't come to parent teacher conference, to open a book just to see if he "matches", then I am in. Because once the book is opened, and the text is shared, then I can do the job I have been hired to do, teach, not do social work, psycho-analyze, referee between battling parents, just plain teach! Oh, on the sugar thing, I agree!! A kind and concerned communication to the right people will make a huge difference, really!

  5. Thanks for your comments, Mrs. D. There are always a lot of issues surrounding public schools and I appreciate both the teachers and the PTA. However, I have found some of the PTA activities at my school to be wanting for a few reasons of my own. That's simply my opinion.

    I know teachers work very hard to create a good environment for their students in all situations and they deserve a lot more than they get.