Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Le Vent du Fou

I read the other day of a pregnant woman who cried over receiving a slurpee that she had so wanted.

I am utterly not like that. (Thank goodness for Danish genes, is what I say to myself.)

Still, the tiredness of pregnancy and the fluctuation of whatever hormone is doing it's thing at any given moment is real. I admit I have been a little bit surprised the last while to find that my emotional response to some things is swinging beyond what my normal reaction would be. As if I haven't been pregnant four times previous. Like this is news. I guess I just expect a calm ocean regardless of circumstance.

I will state here that I will not cry for joy if you bring me a slurpee, however. Nor will I cry if you don't. (Seriously. Danish genes.)

The past two weeks have been Crazy Busy. Busy with good things, like birthdays and parties and finishing up bathrooms, and painting, and school programs, and, and, and... (probably you shouldn't ask how many shades of blue I tried on my bathroom walls. Just pity the pregnant woman who raced through a few home improvement stores and ended up mixing her own paint color at home).

This weekend is the last big hurrah of the moment. It involves family and in-laws. It involves a last big push to finish our upstairs bathroom. It involves getting a haircut (I need it). It involves a kind of hustle and bustle that my Danish genes are sometimes inclined to step back from.

Most of this is good stuff. Some of it really good. (Like seeing Ben super excited about installing a good toilet. Really priceless.)

That said, I will not be sad when it is over. (It's those stoic Danish genes.)

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  1. I didn't realize you were pregnant. Congratulations! I think I might get excited about a really good toilet too.