Monday, March 29, 2010

You'll Never Know Dear, How Much I Love You

It's a birthday day at our house.

My baby boy is 4 today. Four years old! Wow.

Oliver's birth was memorable for many reasons; one has to to with a bath tub that started spewing dirt and twigs into my bathwater (so much for laboring along nicely ) and because this guy came into the world without the assistance of drugs and the like. It was an intense experience. (It may have been more intense for Ben, who had to stand at the bedside and watch. As crazy as childbirth is, I'd much rather be the participant than the observer. Don't tell Ben, I'm thinking of maybe going natural for this next baby boy as well...)

But this sweet boy is an unmistakable light in my life. He certainly has his moments when he's not so charming, but for the most part I just love him to pieces.

{Oliver with his little sis and sidekick, Camille. Big sis is in the background.}

He's clever and sweet and thoughtful. And the other night when he asked me to rock him in the rocking chair and sing him the "sunshine song" well, I melted into a puddle right there. And then reconstituted myself so that I could oblige his request.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!


  1. Yes, there's nothing like your very own little boy. Happy Birthday Oliver! Natural - now that I'm done with mine, I feel like a wimp when I think of the words "natural childbirth." No current resolve whatsoever which is just fine as I don't really need it! I did have it once upon a time however.

  2. Want a good laugh? I almost posted that comment while logged into the Frey Family blog which is under Grandpa's name and email (not that he ever used an email - I created it for him when I set up the blog.) That would have been a shock to have Grandpa commenting on natural childbirth! hahaha