Saturday, April 17, 2010

Root beer and Other Memories

I am drinking a small glass of root beer tonight in honor of my grandfather who passed away a week ago.

He was quite remarkable in his quiet, humble way.

He spent the last year of his life here in Utah where my mom and my aunt cared for him after the passing of my grandma last January. It was wonderful to have him around. And while my parent's have never kept their refrigerator stocked with any kind of soda, this past year there was usually some root beer in the fridge for him. He was quite fond of it and would often ask for just a little bit more.

Because he was a WWII veteran they played Taps at his burial on Friday. It was poignant and beautiful and something I hope I always remember.

Cheers, Grandpa.


  1. Beautiful memory and sentiment. I see Christian's face in this picture...

  2. We should all get together on the 19th of May and have a root beer toast. Oh wait, it's your anniversary! I remember he shared his birthday with you the day you got married and then we shared your wedding cake at his birthday party the next day - hee hee.