Monday, May 17, 2010

Notes {8}

When we were engaged Ben wrote me a little letter on pink paper. Then he lost it. And so he wrote another one, also on pink paper.

There seems to be something important about writing down feelings and loves and likes you have about someone and then giving it to them so they can see what it is that makes you love them. Sometimes you can write things that don't normally show up in regular conversations. {Which I suppose is one of my reasons for these blog posts.}

Ben found both notes the next day and gave them to me. I loved both of them, even though they each said basically the same thing, there were some differences and I still have them, tucked away somewhere. Also, as a back up, I copied them down in my journal because I didn't want to lose them.

Engagements can be stressful and those little words were a small oasis during a stressful week. Life is stressful, and I think we can all use those little words to get us through. It makes me regret that the time of letters is more or less over.

Besides the pink notes I have a few emails from Ben from when we first met, printed out and also tucked away, a little sticky note from valentine's day, a little bit of ephemera that reminds me, even though I already know it, that Ben loves me. And I love that.

Post Script: Also, when we lived in New York and Ben would go down into the city for the day for school he would mail me cheesy NY postcards. It seriously was the best.


  1. I totally agree with you. My husband wrote a card day the week before we were married and it was so sweet. We just had our first son and my husband wrote me another sweet note complimenting how well I was doing. It was great.

    It is a good idea to write them down in your journal. I need to start.


    p.s.-here is something i posted about letters i wrote to my future husband

  2. I really love these posts on Ben. We should all be doing this daily.

  3. ...meaning telling those we love that we love them. I can just hear Ben say, "you mean you are all going to post on me daily!"