Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Teach {3}

So, if you're playing along here at Bells on Their Toes you may have noticed that my last two posts were about Ben.

Guess what? Today's post is also about Ben.

Yes. A pattern is emerging.

This month Ben and I celebrate the 10th anniversary of our marriage, hence some posts from me about Ben (you can guess the number).

In some ways ten years feels like a long time, but in other ways feels incredibly short. Which makes me grateful we don't have a time limit on this marriage thing.

So here is something else I love about Ben that I can share with you: He is a fantastic teacher.

Below is a little documentary about Ben by one of his former students (if you know Ben, you know he teaches film and specializes in documentary so it's fun to see the tables turned a little bit).

I find this completely charming. But of course, I would. Enjoy!

{Click for a larger version: a benu-mentary film from justin ahlmann on Vimeo.}


  1. That was really great. Ben is brilliant and it was fun to see him in action. Everyone I know that has taken his class LOVES him and respects him. Heck, I wanna go back to college and take his class.

    Happy 10th Anniversary! That's a great milestone. You are a power couple. Love you guys!

  2. Haha! That was great was that when you were back in my ward? Was my Benjamin one of those crazy 7 year olds? Love it. He really liked him as a teacher.

  3. Thanks for posting - lovely to see Ben in action - Lindsey B (Ben's friend from Jr. High)

  4. That was fun to see! Ben is great! One of my favorites!