Thursday, February 24, 2011

For my 700th post I will declare my strong dislike of birthdays

I mean, actually, I like birthdays. Mine, yours, his, hers... But they are inevitably fraught. You name it, birthdays are somehow fraught with what ever it may be. But there was too much going on today. And maybe I should have finished my shopping last night, and not today, and maybe I should have cancelled dance class. Or made the cake with a mix. Or maybe we should have had cake and ice cream this afternoon instead of after dinner. Maybe I shouldn't have said no to the daughter whose birthday it isn't and kept the last straw off the camels back. Truly, it sucks to go to bed feeling like the day ended in complete disaster, despite best efforts at the beginning and frazzled efforts at the end. Some times I just want to say "I give up" and go to bed.

And hey, guess what? I can go to bed right now.

I guess things always look up in the end.

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