Friday, February 18, 2011


February is moving through the space time continuum and I can't complain too much about its pace. Here we are already at the 18th, more than half-way through, and that's grand. February and March are so unpredictable in their weather habits swinging from one mood to another and back again. A few weeks ago it was absolutely frigid. It was gorgeous this week, at first. Then it was cold and snowy. This morning it's blah, and unfortunately, February can do blah pretty well. But the weather report suggests some sun and temperatures in the forties today. So, see what I mean? All over the map.

My house is begging for a thorough cleaning and I have yet to look at my sunday school lesson for this week. My baby's nap schedule has been a little crazy this week, so he's already down for his morning sleep. It would be tempting to follow suit but I'm going to resist so that I can get a few things done and keep the ball rolling and February moving surely through. I am getting ready for Spring.


  1. For February, it seems this month has actually zipped by quite nicely.

  2. Sorry MM, the previous comment came from Rugger!