Friday, February 25, 2011

In the quiet of an evening

Can I tell you something?

It's the eve of my birthday. I am getting older and I think it's sort of funny. Ask any of my 10 siblings and they think it's funny, too.

You know how every once in awhile you can step out of yourself for a second and see where you are in life and it's sort of a strange feeling that you are where you are? That happened to me a few nights ago. I was picking up a few things and the kids were swirling around me and it was probably dinner time and all of the sudden I was aware of me with 5 kids and it was such an odd thing to think "This is my life. This is where I am. Lots of cleaning up. And lots of kids."

It was a happy little moment of surreal but real.


  1. Happy Birthday dear friend. I think you said it beautifully.

  2. Happy Birthday! These are often very poignant moments. Something to reflect upon.

  3. I was thinking Friday when I was over at your house what a very beautiful, timeless person you were. You don't look an "age." Eternally young. xoxox