Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's March and my arms are sore

Because I have been home improving. My mom helped me tile my bathroom counter as a birthday present (thanks, mom!) and it looks awesome. She also helped me finish tiling my backsplash in my kitchen. Please don't ask how long that has taken me to get done.

The sink I bought for the bathroom is a little too cool as far as color goes. I am going to find a new one, maybe Kohler has a nice white round bathroom sink? So I haven't set the sink yet. But that's okay because I also need to buy a new faucet. Because I couldn't go look for them today I touched up the bathroom paint instead.

Do you know what a pain it is to get a nice clean line where the wall and ceiling meet? My paint tape did an atrocious job. In the end I used a very small paint brush (teeny-tiny) and some card stock. It did the trick.

But my arms are, yes, sore. As is my neck. You know. Painting ceilings can be hard on the neck. I also started to grout the kitchen backsplash. It's hard to grout tile that is not lying flat. So my arms are sore. And my neck. And my back. And it is very late. And I need to go to bed.

But my bathroom looks nice and neat, and my kitchen tile is half-way grouted (is that a word) and I am pleased with the progress.

And sore. And tired.

The End.


  1. Pictures! I want pictures. We are helping Liz & Aaron update their condo, and while I think tiling the bathroom counter will be beyond our scope, I'd love to see bathroom and kitchen pics.

  2. It was fun! Looks great as well. Keep going. It's all coming together.