Tuesday, July 18, 2006

conversation hearts

How many guys do you know who would rather talk than eat? Given the choice, their preference is to chow down. Even if there is something important to say. (Maybe especially?) Even if they have just eaten and are pretty much full. Even if the buffet in front of them really isn't all that appetizing. Guys like to eat.

My little guy, however, is at the stage where, maybe for the only time in his life, it's the other way around. He loves to talk to me. We settle into a chair or on the couch so I can nurse him but he just wants to talk. He coos and oohs and aahs and gaahs at me. Right back at ya, kiddo. We tell each other how great we think the other one is. It's one big love fest. And I do love it.

I admit I'm not always so thrilled with his willingness to chat. You know, he decides to munch for a minute, but then turns his attention to me (I've always known I was irresistable) and gets sprayed in the face (you nursing moms will know what I mean...) but undaunted, he grins and the charmer that he is, I just can't resist.

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  1. Allysha,
    That was fun to read. I totally understand. Owen(7 months)doesn't stop nursing to talk though. He does stop just to give me a big smile. It is so cute.